Sacred Trust: Ten Rules of Life, Death, and Medicine
by Phyllis Hollenbeck
, MD

An insiders view by a practicing family physician, Sacred Trust reveals the art and practice of medicine and opens a window into its soul. With wry humor, no-holds-barred candid writing style, Dr. Hollenbeck pops the balloon of sanctity that insulates those at the top of the medicine field, exposing the ills behind her profession and recommends the overhaul needed to make the medicine machine hum. Funny, poignant, enlightening and empowering, The Sacred Trust is often unsettling but is sure to inspire a new generation to choose the high road to healing.


About the Author:

Phyllis Hollenbeck M. D. is a native of Boston MA. She received both her undergraduate and graduate medical degrees from Brown University. A specialist in Family Medicine, Hollenbeck has experience in solo and group practice, academic teaching and administrative leadership. A board certified and Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Dr. Hollenbeck is a mother of three, a working physician and makes music in her spare time.