Detective A: The Case of the Missing Silver Spoon
by Leonard Goodisman

Clearly written from a child's point of view that also honors the intelligence of the reader, "Detective A: The Case of the Missing Silver Spoon" is destined to be a classic. Curious, clever, and determined to solve his case, Detective A knows what to do. But can he do it? Eight-year-old Detective A learns to keep his eyes on the prize when he controls his impatience with a difficult witness (his younger sister), to be tenacious in getting all the facts, and to see a situation from another point of view. Along the way, Detective A - and maybe his sister, too - learn an important scientific concept. Written for six-to twelve-year-olds, "Detective A: The Case of the Missing Silver Spoon" will also delight adults reading to younger children. Click herefor more info.


About the Author:

Leonard Goodisman loves understanding how the world works, using storytelling to share his explorations with children and show them the surprising results. Many a student has come to his classes to learn supposedly simple solutions and found they opened new views of the world.